Deal 724: Going up

Each passageway was beginning to look just like all the others. We have been trapped in here for long enough that hunger has come and gone, clearly giving me up as not capable of taking a hint.

I’m starting to get the feeling that taking the suit for myself was not the smart move. Naturally it fits, and looks good, but it may be enhancing a tendency or two. I’m trying to suppress the feeling that I deserved it, and that I deserve to run away alone and keep the treasure for myself. Which is odd. That feeling is the only evidence we have that there might be treasure involved. Well, that and stories.

When we began, we each drew fortune cookies from that barrel. My cookie’s hint led us straight to the closet that held the suit. The others similarly led us to equipment that may eventually prove to have worth. One of the cookies proved impossible to open, but it has been jumping boldly each time we’ve reached a choice of tunnel. So far it seems to have sent us down the safer fork. So far.

While we wait, I’m pondering the treat implicit in the fact that we’ve encountered so little that has put any of us at risk. Even now as we sit here awash in greenish light we wonder…

Just beyond our current resting site is the first unusual thing we’ve seen since we were planted in this building. The short stubby hall ha what are clearly elevator doors along each side. And one of them just opened with a ding.

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