Deal 710: Gotham

I’ve always been fascinated by winged mammals, but fascination can easily give way to obsession. I needed an image to work with to avoid becoming just another strange criminal. Bats were available. They bother some people. They have a certain image of their own.

Of course, I also have a thing for labeling everything. It makes it easier to find the right parts to my uniform, and to make sure I don’t confuse my cummerbund with my utility belt. Yes, there’s hand pockets in the cummerbund. It just doesn’t go with the tights. I suppose I’ve over-labeled on occasion, but simple direct honesty is a kind of labeling too.

I stand astride Gotham, and listen to the quiet sounds of a city that needs me. The gentle hum of progress blended with the quiet snoring of a city that never really fully sleeps.

It started as just a label. Now it is what I am.

I’m Batman.


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