Deal 708: Lit splash

Being the clumsy sort, you learn to expect to trip and drop things. So with all that practice, it is no wonder that I dropped it. The wonder is did I break it?


Earlier, the single-stick was ready for some voodoo, with extra bright LEDs at the tips. Handled in dim light, the tips would trace out interesting patterns which could be recorded with long exposure stills, or with video. We took turns spinning the unlit stick, then you turned it on. Bright doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Bright enough that the trails were clearly visible as nearly burnt streaks on our retinas.

Then I dropped it.

And panicked.

I’m sure that all would be more or less well if I hadn’t had the bright idea to cool it off by emptying beer all over it. At least it didn’t catch fire, even if everything now smells like burning beer.

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