Deal 705: Capricious Cafe

Up until today, the Capricious Cafe had only permitted its signature perfect pancakes to be sold in stacks of three, five, seven, or eleven. They even discouraged more than one order per table, refusing to discuss reason beyond the name on the door.

Coincidentally until today, the Capricious Cafe was owned and run in accordance with the tough but fair principles of Chef Charles. Chef was not one to compromise on anything. The pancakes were perfect every time, or they didn’t leave the kitchen. The sous chefs turned over quickly because of this, but high turnover was expected in a pancake house so no one thought to complain. Chef himself sought perfection in the study and practice of his esoteric culinary arts, and accepted no substitutes.

But today it all changed.

The Capricious Cafe has new owners.

It is hard to predict what the long term effect will be, but perfection of pancakes is now the property of the Gang of Bears.

We don’t know much about this secretive group, except that when pressed about who and what they are, they point out their name, then add that they find the term “Gang” as offensive, they are not “Bears” or a “Gang”, but rather are merely enthusiastic fans of all things ursidae. Yet despite that explanation, they named themselves the Gang of Bears.

We imagine the future holds more stuffed animals and fewer stuffed patrons at the Capricious Cafe.


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