New Spread: Even Odder

For this block of deals, let’s try a battle between Even and Odd.

Start with the whole deck shuffled, including mixing the cards end for end. Deal out cards in pairs. The first card in each pair is Odd, the second Even.

Odd cards describe something odd. One bird. Three brothers. Five fingers. Seven days. Or Odd in other senses too. Black swans. Kind burglars. Friendly prison wardens.

Even cards describe something even. Even temperament. Even keeled. Even sillier. Two faces. Four seasons. Crazy eights.

Deal three pairs, providing for a beginning, middle, and end of a tale.

The sample image has odd cards chicken, Spatula, and Love; and even cards Learning, Stagnation, and Strength. If thought of as past, present, and future, then we have an odd chicken with even education in the past and so on.

Above all, remember that the primary goal here is to have fun with it and see where it leads you.

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