Deal 697: Before Pandora

The box was a scary place. After all, it was filled with every possible trouble and worry for all of Humanity, and it wasn’t all that large. Of course, the beings that filled it were not all that physical either, so there was elbow room enough for all. But that still left poor little Hope somewhat alone and trapped.

She found a way to keep her faith when she met up with Bear. He was big and fluffy, and so sure of himself, and wanted to have Hope on his side. He made a boon companion and a great champion, but even the great have to sleep sometimes, and so Hope was till a quivering mess.

Together they found and convinced Puppet Girl that all was not lost, and that they could share Hope and make a safe place for themselves. She was a dark one, our Puppet. But even the darkest need light to be seen by, and her light side was afraid. She was quick to understand what was asked of her, and willingly joined forces with the fearsome Bear to make a safe space for Hope to remain.

For a long time after, their campsite was nearly safe. Others came and went, some with bluster and some timidly. But still, all who came by moved on. Until the Fish at least. The Fish was out of Water, and going a little whiffy. But returning to the safe little circle of light in the darkness gave him access to Hope. Soon he too had joined their little band, and was looking more shiny by the hour. Together Fish, Bear, and Puppet made the camp almost a happy place.

The final brick was when Peace needed a place to lie low for a time after she used Poison to settle an argument. The players were indeed peacefully at rest after her attention, but questions were raised about her methods. She needed Hope to hide out long enough for the situation to blow over. It was tense at first, but soon all five of them were fast friends, and Hope had found Peace at last.

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