Deal 696: Reading

The cards are speaking wonders about you today. Speaking loudly to distract you from the ticking, or speaking cleverly to distract you from the crash. Either way, the wonders make one wonder what they are attempting to disguise. Remember, disguise might be a fun racket, but don’t take it too seriously. You have choices to make, and the ability to make them. Don’t be trapped in the rut of doing only the prudent thing, but by the same token, don’t take things too far or too seriously. Approaching from a different angle, keep in mind that there may come a time when a complete reboot is the sensible approach. Have things sunk that low? If they have, take the plunge and come through to the other side. That might be the dark side or it might be the light side, it all depends on your perspective. Change when needed can be good, but changing for change’s sake is at best just a waste of time. Of course, the world around you has spent a lot of effort on selling you the need for change. Change diets. Change fashions. Change beliefs. Change others. The indoctrination in favor of change is strong, and the stick behind it is swift to strike.

But behind that facade erected with care you know the tick tick tick ticking of the passage of time. Harness that strength and tame the potential for explosion to give you strength. Then the change you accomplish will be the change you choose of your own free will and not that demanded by the conventions of society.


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