Deal 691: Fandom

He was the typical clumsy fan you find around the place, totally unaware of his own success and entirely focussed on his fandom. While we try to accommodate fans, there are lines that should not be crossed. The deeper obsession has set in, the harder it is for them to not cross the lines.

I suppose we’ve had the kind of successes that do draw out the rabid fans. We’ve just worked so hard for them that the easy route has never been in the picture.

So here we are today, watching the subject as he exhibits tics and tells that tell the story clearly.

I mentioned the clumsy success. He’s clearly good at his obsession. If he were to apply that effort to a healthy goal, he’d likely get farther.

He’s at the cafe now, waiting, watching, and trying to eat tea with a knife. Again, a pretty good clue that he’s not applying his intellect in a productive way. Some might have seen this as subtly threatening, but it looks to me like classic absent-minded behavior.

He joined for a time with a group that was seeking protections for vegetables. It wasn’t clear exactly what they thought we should eat if we weren’t allowed either meats or vegetables. Waving carrots in the air and haranguing visitors wasn’t a clear path to anything other than the loony bin.

He had also put in a brief stint in one of the less clingy cults. He saw through their racket pretty quickly, and I assume figured out that most folks did too. I’m sure he had some image in mind of making a quick conversion out of us, but we’ve been cult proof since before our first album dropped.

Fans. We need them to make a living, but sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth!


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