Deal 686: Hunting Unknown

Summoned in darkness by candles and chants, but released by a broken circle, the Unknown wreaks havoc upon the world. The fool whose misstep broke the circle paid for his mistake, the sort of payment that admits no refunds. And now, with The Unknown loose, it falls upon me to rein it in and contain it.

Research tells me that it can be trapped in a box, but I might have to find it in order to succeed. Research did not provide any clues for a suitable bait, or for a systematic way to search it out. This is not going to be an easy task.

I prepared a box to trap The Unknown. Should I succeed, I’ll build a sarcophagus for the trap, on which I will write warnings in as many languages as I can identify. For research has been entirely silent on a suitable ritual to banish The Unknown once it is loosed. Containment would seem to be the only available option.

First, I fashioned my trap from fearless knowledge. What else stands in direct opposition to The Unknown than Knowledge?

Unfortunately this is not one of those known unknowns that can be countered by specific learning. Due to the nature of its summoning and its response, we must consider it to be an unknown unknown. Knowledge is then a shield, but itself is insufficient. The shield is stronger by being wielded without fear. Fear, it is said, is the mind killer. Fear abets The Unknown. My trap is made exclusively without fear.

I baited the trap with a coating of stagnant water. L’Eau des marais will serve as a balm to hold its attention.

I made the trap from a small birdcage, modified to act more like a lobster pot. The Unknown will find a way inside, but it will be unable to retreat if the fen balm is unable to hold its attention.

Finally, I wound and braided the whole thing with an orange ribbon as a symbol of peace. I want to be at peace with The Unknown, and for it to be at peace with the world.

My quest may be lifelong. Which might be a prophecy of my own doom as well as my eventual success. But I choose to believe that success is possible, and that I will outlive my success.

By my words, I create my success.


I go hunting.


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