Deal 685: Zot

This summoning has several roles to play.

We begin by drawing the circle in consecrated chalk on an unblemished floor. The circle must be large enough to accommodate all the players, but not so large that the summoned entity has too much room to move about. Drafting the circle is a critical job that must be done with care so that no rune or symbol is misplaced or malformed. Breaking the circle may release the summoned entity unbound upon the world, and so must also be avoided at all costs.

With a plan, practice, and several helpers this circle is ready for use after only a half hour or so. This is much better than some far riskier rituals which require that the entire circle be drawn by a single individual using a single piece of chalk that is never lifted from the floor once drafting begins.

We have more than enough members at hand, so all may join the circle. But be warned now, that only those with roles already discussed should speak during the rite, and no one should attempt to engage the summoned entity in conversation.

Quickly now, eight joined the circle.

The rite began.

Teddy at the North began the chant, the others followed: Support at the West, Fish at the South, and finally Neglect at the East joining in turn so that the turns proceeded widdershins around the circle.

I read the invocation, weaving it into the gaps in the chant.

As the pressure was building, Neglect on the East drug his toe across a line. All the pent up energy of the rite drained from the circle through his body, like a stroke of of lightning. He was blown to ash. The rest of us were blown back and lucky to still be alive.

We don’t know if we summoned anything, or even just a part of something.

But we won’t be attempting this rite again for some time to come.


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