Deal 682: Box Spinner

This should be a great illusion.

Lights will come up on an empty stage.

Empty except for the small box on a table at the center. The table is on wheels, and slowly begins to drive itself in a circle. As it goes, it reveals the artwork on all sides of the box. What isn’t obvious at first is that the artwork is different on every lap.

The table began by moving on a circular path with a fairly large radius. But as time progresses, the radius shortens. The lights begin to flicker and flash sporadically revealing that each face of the box is changing steadily, while also remaining the same in some essentials.

There’s an image of a cat, unconcerned with how it never seems to be the same cat.

There’s an image of a rooster, that seems to crow, pitch hot sauce, hatch the egg of a basilisk, and generally act the dandy in charge.

There’s an image of a frog that occasionally flickers to reveal a prince but which always returns to the more amphibious shape.

And finally there’s an image of a Guardian. This one is not as clear as the others.

After starting out at a pace that made a lazy circuit of the stage, the box is now spinning in place and fast enough that all the images are blurring together into a single image.

The lights flash then go out.

The music reaches a crescendo.

A candle lights, and then the lights come up slowly to reveal that there was no box at all. Sitting on the table is a beautiful woman, guarded by a cat, with a rooster and frog.


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