Deal 677: Kitten Egnaro

I heard the pitiful cries in the distance, and followed their siren song off the path where I found a structure. As I approached, it was clear that something had attempted to disguise it, but without much skill or success. But the side from which I approached offered no glimpse inside, and no hint of entry.

I’m really beginning to doubt my plans now.

Looked at from the other side, I could see the marks left by the bouncing ball of “egnaro”. I wasn’t entire sure what it was made of, the thing wouldn’t sit still to be examined.

I could sense that there was something inside that wanted out. Badly. Its weak cries were audible above all the racket made by the rest of the carrying on.

Another side was covered with hurtful and false words, being spread all over it by a painter with a pallet knife. He at least had the decency to be startled by my approach and run away without saying anything. Mimes.

The last side was a vast wickerwork puzzle. It would be easy to mock the wicker, but those who have seen it at its most terrifying will know why I gave it a wide berth.

And yet still, the cries for help.

So I set upon the wicker as the most likely, borrowing the paint covered pallet knife as a tool to prise it apart. After a while, whatever was on the other side took notice, and the work went quicker.

Finally, it was free.

A furious little bundle of self aware opinions and ideas.

Now clinging to my shoulder, glad of its escape.


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