Deal 676: Plaintiff.

With a slam, it suddenly was nearly pitch dark. That should not have been surprising, and yet somehow I still expected to have something up my sleeve.

So we stood there for a time, and tried to enjoy the darkness. But we weren’t the only ones fidgeting a little.

My eyes had adjusted a little by this point. In front of me, was a parody of a famous painting, the dog hovering in midair, and clearly ready and willing to take on the word. In the original, the dog is seated, and is a breed that is often feared. This is a chihuahua. But it is holding on to a spiny fish trying desperately not to get pierced by a poisoned quill. While it could certainly have been an action shot of sorts, it was also clear in the painting that the levitation of all the subjects was their normal habit, and even the improbably dark and looming storm clouds in the distance would not affect their day.

On impulse, I turned around and reached for the door I had just used.

The knob turned in my hand, so I opened it and walked back out into the sunlight before anything happened.


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