Deal 665: Raining midway

He was a ticking time bomb, Greg was.

The graceful ones often are, a trait that is hard to reconcile with their social ease.

Greg stood in the rain, watching wet clowns go through the motions.

He played several roles in the traveling show: strong man, sword swallower, and womanizer.

(That last role is not sanctioned by the Ringmaster.)

The clowns were having trouble getting the attention of the audience. Without that attention, the pickpockets and cutpurses had no way to work and no livelihood. Of course, they also were not sanctioned by the Ringmaster, who intended to run an honest show. But lots goes on that is never seen by those in charge.

Despite the rain, there was a fair crowd, and of those a fair percentage of likely marks.

The just weren’t playing along.

And Greg stood in the rain watching.


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