Deal 645: Musings of an (evil) Stepmother

I have reached my decision. She must die, and poison clearly is the best way.

For this to work, my fingerprints cannot be visible. After all, no matter how popular I am, at some point even I will exceed the tolerance of my people. I suspect being found holding the bloody knife would cross that line.

But poison is another matter. Done right, most won’t even suspect it, and those that do will be unable to prove it.

The best approach will be a poison I can give her over a span of time, along with an antidote. A poison that will slowly build up in her body, making her less well by the day but never quite killing her, its worst effects held back by the antidote.

Then, when the time is ripe, I can withdraw both, and there will be nothing left for any to find. Effectively poisoned by untampered food.

The absence of poison is about as silent a killer as poison can be.

No vehicle is required to deliver nothing.

No device is required to force her to eat or drink it.

No humble act is required as I need not even see her.

I have outdone myself this time.

What’s that I hear?

She has vanished without a trace, and those meddlesome fairies with her?


Well, to find the positive in a dismal situation, at least she’s out of the kingdom for now.

For now.



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