New Spread: Wye Delta


A more than a century old theorem of electrical engineering inspired this deal. The theorem describes a pair of equivalent circuits that are important to a number of areas of electrical engineering: The Wye-Delta transformation. Any student of circuit theory will have seen this under a number of names, as it provides a way to reduce the complexity of certain networks of components, making exact numerical solutions practical. More importantly, this same transformation is a piece in the puzzle that made modern electrical power transmission practical.

The two circuits are three components arranged in a Y, and three components arranged in a . The transformation is possible because it can be proved that the two circuits are equivalent, if the right values of the components are selected in each circuit.


Deal six cards in two groups.

Arrange the first group of three cards in the shape of a Y, and the second in the shape of a .

The two groups are different views of the same thing. This might be the protagonist, the antagonist, the setting, the goal, or anything else in the context of the tale. The key point is that they are two representations of the same thing.

What thing? Only you and the cards know.

Above all, remember that the primary goal here is to have fun with it and see where it leads you.

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