Deal 628: Wisdom and Fable

Wisdom was having a tough day.

She wasn’t used to that, normally her job took her to quiet contemplative places where she assisted sharp-minded people with difficult decisions. Challenging work, certainly. But it was her nature.

But today she was covering for a friend, and it was not going well.

Her task at first had seemed simple: just get the Princess to find the frog, kiss it, marry the resulting Prince, and live happily ever after.

She was beginning to understand why Fable had chosen today to take a vacation. Applying her own nature, she started a list of the challenges she faced, hoping that the usual ritual of planning would relieve her tension and show her a way out.

  • Princesses don’t like swamps.
  • Princesses don’t really want to go near frogs.
  • Princesses aren’t inclined to kiss anything, let alone a frog.
  • Where did that crone with the apple come from?
  • No one ordered poisoned apples.
  • Princesses seem unusually attracted to poisoned apples.
  • While a sleeping Princess can be kissed by a Prince, he’s still a frog.
  • With Fable gone, Fate gets her way.
  • The usual sleeping potion is for how long?
  • 100 years is a tad longer than 1 day!
  • Fable lied!

She had to stop the list there, it wasn’t helping. Clearly she was going to have to do more than think to get out of this pickle.


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