Deal 626: A Prince formerly known as an artist

He was larger than life, and lived that role well. Everything he did, was done with a complete commitment to style and wonder.

Born a frog, and transformed to a prince. His was a tale of moving from the comfortable green and brown muck of the swamp to the uncomfortable limelight and purples of the life of a figure as public has he became. He transcended his role as a prince, and easily became a symbol for all young aspiring frogs.

As time went on, he remained as awe inspiring as ever, but eased out of the eyes of the always fickle public. It allowed him space to breath, and to reclaim a more normal name. While he rarely displayed or flaunted his role as a symbol, young frogs in the know continued to idolize him.

His success will endure long past his shedding this mortal coil to become one with the infinite.

There is no doubt of that.


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