Deal 607: Chaos stew vignette

He always saw to his own needs above all else. So if he was here and helping, it had to be a part of a bigger plan.

There were frogs and pieces of frog everywhere.

Underneath it all there was a kind of order to the chaos, but it was equally clear that my quarry was not in.

Not in, as in, not here.

His place was a mess with leftover food littered amongst dinner plates I recognized from two weeks before.

We searched around in a cursory way, but we also were very much aware of our own vulnerability. If found, we’d clearly be subject to any consequences of our actions, including a probably break and enter. And since we literally had broken and had entered that wasn’t going to be productive.

Another frog hopped out from beneath a dish. They were being extra distracting tonight.

The wrinkled apple on the kitchen floor, however, made it pretty clear that no one was in the habit of using this place.


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