Deal 606: Croneapples

I haven’t touched ground in days.

This was supposed to be a simple trip to the woods to relax. A short hike, some birds, a few squirrels, fresh air. Instead, I haven’t touched ground in days.

It started so innocently. At the trailhead, a tired looking dog diverted our attention to his mistress, a crone with a fruit stand.

Since we hadn’t brought any food, we bought a few apples for the road. Something about her made me uncomfortable. Spiders running up my spine uncomfortable. But we still bought the fruit and I at the apple.

I’ve done everything right, generally. I’m fit. My goals are modest. I’m grounded, or used to be. I don’t neglect my health, or my community.

And yet, here I am, punished by a good deed.

In hindsight, we probably should have been a lot more suspicious. But who knew that a creepy looking old dame would actually act as creepy as she looked.


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