Deal 595: Spy vs. Spy

Intelligence is a funny game. You are never entirely sure that you know all you need to know, but still you have to make decisions and act on what you know you know.

Or not. Sometimes you are better off not acting, because to act would reveal to your opponent that you know something they didn’t necessarily know that you knew.

Intelligence is also difficult to talk about without getting tangled up in the parties, what they pretend to know, what the actually know, and what the hide even from themselves.

So often the best response to a piece of intelligence is silence.

But not this time.

We’ve been getting reports from many public channels about a bomb. The kingdom cannot remain quiet in response to a bomb, whether actual or imaginary. At the least, we need to create a credible rumor to plant of what our response to a bomb would be when it is discovered.

The interesting thing now is that all the secret channels are silent about the bomb.

If the enemy is saying loudly that our castle is mined already while at the same time seeking to hire sappers and chemists with experience in explosives, it would appear that the threat is nothing but hot air.

Meanwhile, we actually do have sappers in place beneath their barracks, and have been moving in a quantity of the latest material our chemists have produced. We weren’t planning to use this unprovoked, but one never knows.

So today’s task is to make sure that there really is no bomb beneath our castle, while publicly expressing outrage about making the castle a target of unprovoked attack.

Should be a piece of cake.


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