Deal 592: Little’s loyal friend

Loyal to the end, that one was. But then, that is frequently what dogs do.

Like many afflicted with her talent she was homeless, and like so many of her ilk, had issues that kept her firmly lodged in the cracks in the system. A system that was not particularly good at serving its stated purpose, but it failed her worse than most of those it helped.

For her talent let her see the great lies told about the world around us. Where most mundane people see rain, she saw the truth that sky was falling. She had learned in her youth to keep most of what she saw to herself, because the mundane people don’t really want reminders that the world around them is a more complicated place.

But that left her unwilling to seek help, and difficult to keep employed.

Not that she was unhappy, however. She had friends, many of whom were like her and could see the magical sides of the world. Not that they all agreed about what they saw or what it meant. Some were far more swift to relate to it through religion, usually of the more apocalyptic sort. Some tried to deny all of it and just fit in. Some friends had four legs, some had two, and once in a long while a six-legged critter would join her evening discussions. She welcomed friends of nearly any shape, but never any birds. There was something about their beady eyes and jumpy nature that set even her teeth on edge.

Her most loyal friend, however, had four legs. She never held that difference in species against him. Or his speech impediments that he clearly had on account of being a dog. None of that mattered, he shared her shelter, he shared warmth, he listened sympathetically, and he offered what wisdom he could.

Until the day that a grossly careless mundane killed her in cold blood. Or perhaps a mundane working with one of the various secret societies that really control everything and everyone through adulterated water, trails in the sky, and nonsense fed to the masses via radio, TV, and now the internet. For if it was the hired killing of the true masters, they will never allow that fact to be seen and understood.

But the reason didn’t matter to her canine friend.

As she lay there broken, bleeding, and dying, he sat at her side giving comfort and crying for help.

Loyal to the end, he was.


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