Deal 580: Peaceful

We could seek peace through many paths. Not all paths are worthy, however.

There is, for instance, the peace of fear. A healthy dose of poison for the troublesome, and a sort of peace would follow. But it would be a lie, for it would be the peace of the terrified as fear of being troubled would become the new normal. This would not be a worthy peace, as it comes not only at the price of those who were disruptive, but also at the price of the wellbeing of nearly all others.

A worthy peace would uplift all who participate. A worthy peace would care not about means or motives of the peaceful. A worthy peace must also have a core of strength, ready to enforce just laws, preserve rights to person and property, and especially preserve the right to be peaceful.

Fate is not the enemy of Peace, but it can at times seem as if the Norns are not kind to the peaceful. The truth of the matter is that the Norns simply are unconcerned about Peace, Love, or War, as they worry about their grand pattern in the tapestry of all things that have happened, can happen, and maybe will happen. They only worry about the possibilities, valuing neither Peace nor Unrest above the other.

It is the role of society to value Peace above Unrest, and the role of mankind to arrange the bones of society so that the right kind of peace is rewarded above the wrong kinds of unrest.

And to remember that occasionally the pancake that is a facet of society occasionally needs to be turned.


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