Deal 579: Workout watcher

The discovery of the camera was disturbing to all of us. It had been cleverly placed near the treadmill and would have recorded a highly unflattering look at just about anybody using that equipment.

After the first camera was found, the word spread rapidly. Shortly, others turned up. More treadmills, stair steppers, the ellipticals. By the time we’d overturned every bit of equipment and scrubbed every surface, a total of fifteen more cameras had been located.

The cause was a much greater question. Like so many other incidents where just happening to be home (or not home) could look suspicious, the net was cast wide. There was no way to tell if it was cast too wide without it catching someone. And even then, there were plenty of reasons for catching someone guilty or not and with or without the help.

One thing is clear, this is a bad time to invest in private gyms in Japan.


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