Deal 578: Strung up

I’m afraid. There’s not much I can do about it, so I’m afraid.

I’ve discovered a great truth, and I’m afraid that if I speak of it, my world will come tumbling down around me.

But I can’t keep quiet.

I have strings.

So do you.


They are almost invisible, and their action is very weak. But they are there.

Ever get the feeling that you’ve pulled up short and have to stop immediately?


So now that I’ve chosen to spill what I know, I need protection. I’m so afraid of simply becoming someone else’s mouthpiece. Acting out another’s whims, dreams, and desires. Catching pins and being the weapon through which another another’s curse is delivered.

All I know for certain is that the cats are not involved. Not the cats. Not so sure about the dogs. Seems like the dogs had to have known, and so they might be collaborating with whatever is pulling the strings. But not cats. They likely do know, but being cats, just don’t care. Besides, they get to nudge us from time to time by stretching a string even they never take direct control.

Ever simply pop awake and wonder where you are an how you got here?

I tell you, strings.


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