New spread: Chaotic Hit or Miss

The Discordians have in their typically many faceted way produced a deck of Discordian Tarot deck along with their own particularly systematic absurdist approach to reading it. The example spreads I’ve seen deal five cards, categorized as True, False, Meaningless, Seek, and Avoid. The readings I’ve seen (follow the link for your own random readings) have a distinctly Discordian flavor.

With that inspiration in the background I want to continue from the Flaming Fowl with a new spread that feels like an absurdist tarot with a healthy dose of chaos for flavor.

Let’s call it Chaotic Hit or Miss.

First, deal three concrete cards, labeled Fact, Lie, and Mu, with Mu crossing and obscuring parts of Fact and Lie.

Next, deal two abstract cards, labeled Hit and Miss, with Miss overshadowing Hit and both cards laying rotated by 45 degrees or so.

The three concrete cards set a tone or theme, and need not appear directly in the story. Fact is something true, Lie is something untrue, and Mu is something that should have been unasked.

The two abstract cards describe the goals, and should be embodied in some concrete person, place, or thing in the story. Hit is the goal, which need not be reached as long as it is strived for. Miss is the universe.

Non-sequiturs are expected, humor should be sought, but not at the expense of absurdity, surprise, or even meaningful nonsense.

Above all, the point is to engage your creative side and have fun with the ideas.


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