Deal 575: The Frog Prince Too

I should never have listened to that infernal bird. But he sounded so reasonable. It probably didn’t help that he turned up when I was particularly bored and his ideas sounded fun.

At first it was simple pranks. Little things, like leaving a whoopee cushion on the throne. Barrel of monkeys stuff. Sure it got me some stern lectures from the King, but at least that wasn’t boring.

But the bird always had another word.

I tell you, it was the bird that led me astray.

When they found me in the swamp kissing frogs, that seemed to be the last straw. The screaming from the Queen was impressive. The King was stern. Apparently I was supposed to be smarter than that. They kept wondering what had happened, why I couldn’t learn. Of course, I can’t tell them about the raven, they’ve already found me kissing a frog and I don’t want them locking me up forever over a talking bird.

And, of course, everyone was pretty clear that under no circumstances would kissing frogs work. And if it did work, they wouldn’t permit an amphibious princess anywhere near the palace, let alone the crown prince. Thing is, it did work. It had worked the day before, and the day before that, but only lasted for a day. The bird convinced me that I had to kiss the same frog on three consecutive mornings for the change to be permanent. If it had worked, I might have at least had a companion who appreciated me as something other than the prince.

In the fuss when they caught me, I lost the frog. I’m not sure if finding her again is even possible, it wasn’t clear that she was all too happy with me yesterday. In any case, I’m going to have to start all over once they let me loose, and probably after waiting a bit to keep them from being worried that I was heading back to the swamp.

Now as long as they don’t find my new webbed feet, I’ll be fine.


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