Deal 574: Gone batty

I was too new at the game, and clumsy to boot. I was going to have to learn some grace, and soon.

Shaking off the offered sympathy, I picked myself back up and made my way home along the sidewalks. There would be plenty of time to learn to deal with the wings. I didn’t really need to learn to deal with everything all at once.

Or so I hoped.

Then again, I had thought myself to be well protected. Well protected and hence safe from what has happened.

And yet, here we are.

I wondered if I could put off telling my family, but surely they would notice the change.

And when they didn’t notice, it would make it that much easier for me to make a clean break.

I was so cocksure that the change would be obvious. Apparently not being noticeable is part of the deal. Given that I was the easiest to ignore in the first place, this didn’t leave me much wiggle room. My new lack of reflection in mirrors was a feature I had forgotten about. It brought be to a dead halt in the hallway, dominated by mirrors down its length. I could step into the hall, but I found that I couldn’t proceed past the first empty mirror.

The change was complete and there was no staying home after this.

I may never be a good vampire, but I’ve got a long time to learn to be a better one than I am now.


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