Deal 570: Tin can to nowhere

The noise was getting to me. Until this all happened, I really hadn’t noticed how noisy the ship was. With other people sharing this tin can, I guess the annoying noises of its operation were always masked. But then this happened, and all I can hear are the noises. And the voices. But I’m pretty sure those aren’t real.

I don’t know how this will end.

There are colonists I could try to wake, but from the limited profiles available to the crew I would be taking a shot in the dark at getting someone qualified to help.

Of course, anyone alive is going to be at least a little more qualified than I have now.

The voices need to stop nagging me.

I don’t know what happened. I don’t want to know what happened. It happened fast and loud. And then I was alone and afraid. Then the voices started nagging me a and they aren’t helping.

I can’t find anything wrong with the ship, but then I was just trained to fly in her, not build her. The voices aren’t any help either. Everywhere I look, nothing’s wrong but there’s no other crew aboard. I’d swear that we left with ten crew. Now there’s just me. And the voices.

Facing a journey into the unknown, not sure I can operate the navigation systems well enough to know where we are, let alone where we are going.

The only thing wrong I can find is the computer that insists that I am the only crew, and that I should let it talk to the pilot. I’m not a pilot, I’m sure of that. One of the voices is yelling “but I am” in the back of my mind, but that isn’t helping at all.

I’m trapped in this tin can with no crew, no end in sight, voices in my head, and an orange on the seat in the cockpit. I don’t know where that orange came from, it wasn’t there earlier.

I’m going mad. Or possibly madder. If the voices were to calm down and let me think I might be able to tell which.

Might be able to survive this deathtrap.

Where’d the orange go?

Was there an orange?

I’m not a pilot.

I am going insane. Perhaps I should try to enjoy the trip.

Hey! Look! An Orange!

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