Deal 568: Watcher.

From where I stand, I see all. I see war and peace; love and hate; petty squabbles and honorable feuds; clever traps and even cleverer adventurers. But mostly I see the inexorable river of history that has endured since time immemorial and will endure for as long as may be foreseen.

I am the Sphinx. I am the Colossus. I am the Illuminati.

All that has ever happened, I have seen. All that ever will happen, I will see.

But, oh petitioner, you must know you are doomed to failure. I may see all, but I tell no one.

I answer to no authority but myself, so you can put that petty, unimpressive subpoena away.

No, don’t bother to speak.

No pleading you can make will be novel.

And while I find your attempt to distract me from the front while your accomplice attempts to hack into me from behind amusing, you should also be aware that no one has ever succeeded. The sharpest saw ever devised merely tickled and didn’t leave a mark.

Leave now, and count yourselves lucky to have seen me with your own eyes and live to tell the tale.

Remain, and you shall surely die.

The choice is yours alone.

Of course, I have already seen what happens next.

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