Deal 564: Pop vampire

Everyone hears the word “vampire” and immediately assumes I drink blood, die in sunlight, unlive forever, and can be a bat any time I want.

They’re partly right.

But I’m not a classic bad movie villain vampire: I’m trying to be smarter than that.

I’ve turned away from the lies. Yes, the PR they provided made it easier to hide in plain sight. Given our reputation, even if someone around me saw something they couldn’t ignore, they didn’t want to know more, risk more, learn more.

But I hate living (if you call it that) on a lie.

I know I won’t live forever. To assume otherwise would be the height of hubris. But I have lived for a very long time.

I do need to drink blood. But not very much, and really only about once a month. I almost never kill to get it.

I can’t turn into a bat. But I have an affinity for bats, and they to me. Some days my cloak is entirely lined with living bats enjoying the fresh air and sunlight. Yes sunlight. I don’t sparkle like the storybook vampires of that hack written soppy romance. But I don’t crisp up and blow away either. Any faster than normal people do, anyway.

My secret addiction is bubble gum pop.

Control my pop music, and you have me in thrall.


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