Deal 563: Without clean socks, civilization falls.

A gentleman adventurer is never without clean socks. After all, when dashing off to adventure at the drop of a hat, it wouldn’t do to find one’s feet uncomfortable. Some days it is easier than others to be prepared. It was rapidly becoming clear that this was one of those other days.

It had started simply enough. The call had come in first thing that my help was needed urgently. The call was from an old college buddy, and turning it down was also simply not done. So I grabbed my go bag and off I went.

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, of course. A quick look at all that was needed made it clear that if I was to help, I was in for the long haul. A gentleman does not complain, even if his socks are not holding up to his usual standards. After a few days of effort, we had the project back on track, and I was close to making myself superfluous. This would be my chance to make my escape.

An escape that would allow me to return to my humble abode and once again to my solitary and quiet life.


They sprung the party on me so cleverly that I could not evade. Somehow they even knew that my preparedness would extend to proper evening dress, for part of the rule of clean socks is to also always have the right kind of socks and the right clothes for the time and place to go with them.

What everyone successfully kept a secret was that the party was for me.

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