Deal 561: Reading the way

As she found my table and settled in, I could tell this client was an odd fish. The electric blue hair was the first clue, but as I looked closer I could see that the hair was just an outward manifestation of a lot of pent-up quirks and oddness. In another time and place she would have been burned at the stake as a witch, but in these enlightened times she could wear her blue hair and quirky tattoos without fear.

As an icebreaker, I had her cut the Tarot a few times and pull a card from the deck. She picked Death. Great. I so love starting a session on that footing.

“As you probably know, none of the cards are to be taken literally, and this card is a good example. It represents a persistent current of change, probably tied to a fear of things to come. But despite the heavy imagery, the change need not be a literal death, yours or anyone else. Many people fear change, and even with some cause. But change is also an opportunity to turn towards the light, to find the glimmer of hope that will lead you out of what burdens you. So change is inevitable, but if you embrace it and work with it you can always find something positive to seek from it. We can use this as a foundation.”

She laid Death on the table, and drew another card.

The Hanged Man.

“The Hanged Man depicts a young man hanging from a tree by one ankle. His free leg forms an inverted figure four, and four might not be your luckiest number. But notice that his expression is more entranced than suffering. He has made his choice, is satisfied, and is willingly paying the price. This signifies one possible future.”

She laid the The Hanged Man on the table, and drew a third card.

The Magician.

“The Magician signified revealed knowledge, through the wisdom of the initiate in the old mysteries. Resting on the foundation of change, the Magician signifies the causal element, the source of your angst, the reason things are changing. This stands for your recent past.”

She laid The Magician on the table, and drew another card, but I stopped her before she revealed it.

“Hold this card close, do not reveal it to anyone. For it signifies the something you must hold dear in order to triumph in the face of the changes that are afoot. It guide you as you navigate the twists, turns, and choices in the path ahead of you. Listen to its voice, feel its mystery.”

She laid the last card face down across the other three.

“Change is inevitable, but it has a cause, and it has a purpose. Understand the cause, and pick the purpose with care, and change will become a positive force in your life and destiny. Navigate the paths of destiny with the help of those around you, as well as your own skills, knowledge, and essence. Be well in your journey.”

I closed my eyes and meditated as she gathered herself and left.


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