Deal 555: Reflecting on Unity

As you will learn as you progress towards the inner spheres, The Unity stands and falls on reflection. We are each a reflection of the order, each a facet of the singularity, which being spherical has no actual facets. Being spherical, it reflects the entirety of the universe into a single view.

In the outer spheres, you satellites are tasked with understanding your place in the universe.

Today, of course, you see The Unity as something more like a platonic solid. At first, you see the obvious four facets: Foundation, Past, Present, and Future. Or perhaps you see them in their guise as the four obvious elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Either way you are missing something obvious, and the four-faceted tetrahedron is obviously incomplete.

Oh, it wasn’t so obvious?

Well, where do you fit into the Foundation, Past, Present, Future system? Where is the Self, the Id, the Ego, the Superego? And the four element system is missing at least one more, variously known as Void, Spirit, or Surprise.

To proceed inwards to higher spheres, you must seek to understand the infinitely faceted nature of the sphere. Meditating on the platonic solids is the clearest path, but there is quite a leap to be made from the twenty facets of the icosahedron to the infinite faces of the sphere.

You stand here today and reflect. Your goal is to learn our ways and become one with The Unity. You have reached this point by meeting a series of highly improbable conditions, and if you ever do reach the inner spheres you will be able to honestly know that it was against all odds to do so.

Those that succeed see with the inner eye, see the universe reflected in the sphere that is the mirror at the foundation of The Unity.


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