Deal 546: A reading.

The tent stood apart from the others on the midway. Located in a deeper shadow, it had a faintly menacing feel that I was looking for.

The tent door opened and closed silently, In the sudden backlight I couldn’t quite make out the features of my visitor, but odds were that it was my next customer.

She approached my table, and sat opposite me when I gestured at the chair.

We sat in silence for a moment more while I studied her.

Her need was clear, so without comment I reached for tea and water and did the necessary ritual. She remained silent the whole time, watching closely, and sipping from her cup when asked. Before her tea stilled, I snatched up her cup, gave it a practiced extra swirl, and slammed it face down on the table between us. She didn’t jump.

I lifted the cup and looked. I almost jumped, the signs were so clear.

I cleared my throat, took a sip of my own tea, and began to speak.

“You are here today on a quest for answers, a quest that you pursue every day to one degree or another. Today, you found me when you needed me and so I will endeavour to play my part in your journey of discovery. A journey that leaves you feeling like you are going nowhere but up and down the same path, as an elevator is trapped in its shaft. My advice to you firstly is to recognize your true nature and embrace it. The elevator serves an important role. It’s journeys, while short, greatly ease the burdens of others. Respect your core, and much else will fall into place.”

I paused to catch my breath, and to sip my cup again. She was fidgeting a little, but in the way of someone who is processing something, and not about to bolt.

“Looming over your shoulder always are the reminders of your impulsive actions in the past. Turn and embrace them. Don’t let them control your actions in the present or the eventual end of your journey. They are part of who you are, and who you have become. To deny them would be to deny your very nature. You can look to the future without treating the past as a burden. Let your basic reliance on the elevator raise you above their grasp as you go.”

Another sip. She didn’t speak, but seemed ready for me to go on. I paused to gather my thoughts as I contemplated the tea, then continued.

“As all do, your journey has a goal. Look to that goal to motivate you now, but don’t forget that when you achieve it, to take a moment for yourself and choose a new goal. Don’t make the mistake of many and refuse to accept that you have reached your goal. For you, that goal takes many forms, but most prominent by today’s light is security and protection. I don’t know what you seek protection from, the messages aren’t clear on that point. But you do even if you haven’t admitted it to yourself. Do so. Because the message is clear as day on that point, the security you seek is only available to those who can accept it when offered.”

Another sip. Another pause.

“Finally. In your journey you carry a burden. You yourself may not realize, and even if you do you may not know for sure if you carry it as a tool to use upon arrival, as a weapon to aid your journey, or for some other purpose even less clear. You don’t need to answer, and don’t need to decide today, but you must embrace your burden and acknowledge it for it to do you any good. I could name your burden, but will not as it’s nature is as an edge that can cut more than one way. Carry it wisely. Use it when the time is right. Reveal it to yourself in your dreams tonight, and face your destiny well prepared.”

With that, she must have sensed I had reached the end of what I could say to her. She stood, straightened her posture and turned. She paused once by the door and looked back. “Thank you,” she said as she opened the door to leave. “I hadn’t realized how much I needed to hear that.”

She left the tent, and the door closed silently on her retreating form.


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